Stocks and homes are assets priced in US$ -- their soundly shown price histories are inflation-adjusted ("real").
Such are seldom seen, because: Well apparent therein are our nation's serial, massive mispricings.
"The public be suckered" is both this track record and keeping it unseen. Dow=DJIA.      usa2true AT
Plot of Real DJIA, 1924-present, et al., ca. 32 KB Link

The DJIA close of 18212.48 on 9-15-2016,
by CPI-U estimation and interpolation,
corresponds to a Real Dow of 113.1 = +0.51%/yr for 16 yr, since 1/14/2000 peak of 103.94. (Notes,
for reference: see two bullet points below.) (The 1.64 %/yr curve, extrapolated, equals 51.5, 55% lower.)

The future Real Dow is uncertain, of course, and the chart shows the past was very far from being a steady trend.
A certainty real future is provided by TIPS held to maturity. The available TIPS maturities are the green points at the ‘last Real Dow’ level -- intending to show the available choices of a certainty real future from ‘selling the Dow and buying TIPS’.  More ...

the compelling Real DJIA, 1924-now
the 3 Fed Chair warnings, Real DJIA (elaboration of yellow circle points above)

Explanation of “by CPI-U estimation and interpolation”
The CPI-U for a particular calendar month (CM) is an average for that CM and therefore assigned to the middle of that CM. Any given day’s CPI-U is calculated by linear interpolation between two CM CPI-U’s.
Any not-yet-reported CM CPI-U is calculated (i.e., estimated) by Treasury's TIPS formulas for calculation of not-reported CPI-U, when necessary -- see, pp. 45217-8.
For example, at this 5/23/06 writing:
last reported CPI-U = 201.5, for April 2006
last reported 12 mo CPI-U change = 201.5/194.6 = 1.035457348
estimated CPI-U for May 2006 = 201.5*1.035457348^(1/12) = 202.0859258, assigned to 5/16/06 12:00 PM
estimated CPI-U for June 2006 = 201.5*1.035457348^(2/12) = 202.6735554, assigned to 6/16/06 12:00 AM
calculated CPI-U for 5/23/06 = 202.0859258 + (202.6735554 - 202.0859258)*(6.5/30.5) = 202.2111584

More re. TIPS and yields
For TIPS (Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities) held to maturity, the consumer purchasing power of both principal and interest payments is preserved, and yield is certain.
To compare the current yields of the Dow/DJIA and TIPS:
the former’s yield (dividend) is at
and the latter’s yield (real) are at

Also, differential frictional costs likely favors TIPS.  Go back

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